Saturday, February 14, 2009

My kid is going to Japan, and he'd better bring back a lot more than a t-shirt!

Bing has the opportunity to spend 6 weeks in Japan for his summer vacation, working as a research assistant to his Uncle Tom. (No, that's actually his name.)

We could use some help in raising funds for the tickets to get there and back. The PayPal button on the side bar is one great way for you to start adding a few bucks in. Nothing big, just a bunch of people adding in a little here and there will do the trick. Bing will also write some posts while he is there and take photos.

When I was Bing's age, I spent 6 weeks in Mexico City. It changed my outlook on life, as I went far beyond the tourist experience and learned how culture affects perspective. Japan's culture has a great many contrasts to our U.S. culture, even in the digital age when the world is flattening out.

Please donate, and we'll make sure that he brings me back more than a t-shirt.

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